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4 Color Process

Four Color Process Labels are the answer when you need full color for your product to be noticed. Four color process labels make your product virtually jump off the shelf to gain the attention it deserves.  DLS has digital prepress capabilities in house which insure the highest quality of dot structure giving your label crisp, sharp, color vibrant dot patterns.  We can print up to 8 colors with water base or full UV inks if your application requires process and spot/custom colors.

By combining the four basic process colors, we can bring your graphic designs and photographs to life in a way that will grap the attention of customers and add distinction and “pop” to your product or service.

Four Color Process Labels are available in roll or single form in a wide variety of materials and adhesives. From paper, poly films to vinyl (for more durable or outdoor applications), four color process is the obvious answer to how to set your products apart from the rest.