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Art Department


The Art Department at DLS uses Macintosh workstations. Customers are encouraged to submit artwork created on the Macintosh platform. However, we can accept art created on Windows-based PC’s, but extra production time may be required.

Acceptable Applications

Adobe Illustrator CS4 or below
Adobe InDesign CS4 or below
Adobe Photoshop CS4 or below
Macromedia Freehand 11 or below
Quark 7 or below
Adobe PDF

Preparing Files

It is very important that all necessary files have been included to ensure correct output of your job. Please provide the following:

  • Job File
  • Support File
  • Fonts

Support Files

When importing or placing files into applications, please include all of those files separate from the job file. Please remember that any embedded images canot be edited or altered.


Please include both the screen and printer fonts for every font used. If you cannot supply all the fonts, please convert them to outlines or paths. Please remember, that type converted to outlines cannot be edited or altered.


Whenever using a solid color we recommend specifying a Pantone spot color rather than a CMYK color. When using spot colors, please make color names consistent. If process colors are necessary, please bear in mind that no CMYK value can go below 5%.

Lines and Type

To guarantee readability we recommend these minimum line and type specifications:
Positive line: 1/2 point    Reversed out line: 1 point
Positive type: 4 point    Reversed out type: 6 point

We also recommend that reversed type smaller than 8 point should be a bold sans serif.


Screen gradations may range from 100% of the color to a minimum of 5%.


Unless you are skilled in this area, please let us do this for you.


Please do not set elements to “Overprint” in the document. If you are concerned about an element knocking out, please contact the art department or make a note in the document.

Final Trimming / Cropping

If a die is being used, please indicate the die line in the document. If there is no die, please include crop marks to final trim size.


Files can be delivered on disk (preferably CD), via email or through ftp transfer If delivering files via email or ftp, please use a utility such as Stuffit to protect the integrity of the file. If possible, please send a hard copy of the job or PDF for visual representation.