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Food Labels

It’s important that your food labels are enticing and high quality in order to stand out on the shelves and appeal to your customer. We’ve printed almost every type of custom food label, so we have a large selection of custom die shapes and stock materials to give you the impact you need.

Food Label Tips

Food labels must be durable and versatile enough to withstand certain environmental conditions such as moisture, sunlight and chemicals. Here are some additional  tips.

  • Labels must meet FDA requirements for incidental, non-direct contact with food, regardless of how the food is stored.
  • Make sure to include your product’s benefits, for example fat-free or low-sodium.
  • Packaging can make a difference in material selection, so please tell your Customer Service representative what type of packaging you’ll use.
  • Label application temperature will make a difference in material selection as well. Tell your Customer Service representative the temperature at which your label will be applied.