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Thermal Transfer Ribbons


Wax ribbons offer durability, extensive label adaptability for expanded application options including shipping, logistics, inventory, shelf, horticulture and pharmaceutical-all within an affordable price range.

The print quality is excellent providing clean, dense bar codes. Anti-static for easy handling and printhead protection, wax ribbons are also compatible on a wide range of paper and synthetic materials.


Wax/resin ribbons offer extreme durability and provide excellent solvent resistance. These ribbons are perfect for coated/uncoated, flood and glossy tickets, tags and label stocks.


Resin ribbons offer extreme durability against solvent and abrasion resistance as well as the ability to withstand harsh environmental elements. Applications that are best suited for resin ribbons are drum labels, high heat applications, automotive labeling and circuit board.

Near Edge

Near Edge ribbons offer excellent image density and deliver solutions for high speed flexible packaging applications. Printing at speeds up to 26 IPS, near edge ribbons are durable and provide clean, crisp images.

Colors & Metallics

Color and metallic ribbons are available in wax, wax/resin and resin formulations for applications that require bold and vibrant colors.